Voice of Carpenters/Carpenters in Action

Your VOC/CIA officers:

Chairperson - Jeff Murdock

Co-Chariperson - Miguel Perry  
Recording Secretary - Lisa Marx
Sargent of Arms - Michael Petrish
Political Outreach - Fidencio Velasco
Community Outreach - Maggie Sullivan
Apprenticeship Contact - Lisa Marx

Newsletter Managing Editor - Miguel Perry

Summer VOC Newsletter - CLICK HERE


“I [Name] pledge that during the next year I will bind myself to participate in the ranks of my Local Union and its VOC/CIA: thus not only benefiting myself, my family, other workers and their families, and strengthening my union, but in very real way contributing to the welfare of all mankind.”

 Do you want to become an VOC/CIA Volunteer?

The VOC/CIA (Voice of Carpenters / Carpenters in Action) meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month prior to the regular membership meeting at the Carpenters Training Center in Mt. Vernon from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM at the Training Center. This meeting is open to all local 70 members. For more information on the VOC/CIA and/or how to become a VOC/CIA activist email us at mperry@nwcarpenters.org or call us at 425-330-2446.



Read The Everett Herald's article featuring Migule Perry as the Guest Commentary. " 'Right to work' a right to low wage "

VOC/CIA Projects:

The Gateway Pacific Terminal is one of the largest job creating projects to be proposed in the history of Whatcom County and will provide a much needed boost to our local economy., while upholding the most stringest environmental standards.

 The Terminal will be a major producer of Local family-wage jobs. The project will create 3,500 - 4,400 local jobs and $74 to $92 million in local and state tax revenues during the two year construction period. Ongoing operations will sustain 860 to 1,250 direct and indirect jobs while generating $8 to $11 million in state and local taxes which will benefit schools, fire districts, and other public services our community relies upon.

You can help! Please vist the website www.gatewaypacificterminal.com/support page and take action by signing the petition so the GPT project moves on and it becomes a reality for Whatcom County. THANKS!


Check out Miguel Perry's Radio Interview! Part 1: Click Here Part 2: Click Here

The VOC/CIA produced a radio program on "The Underground Economy - How it affect us all" . It was aired on KSVR. The Show "We Do The Work" within Skagit Talks airs on Mondays at 5 PM on KSVR, 91.7 FM or for KSVR programs view them on the KSVR website http://www.ksvr.org/

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